Emersion’s billing automation platform helps internet service providers (ISPs) to sell highly profitable services, bring in new customers, and grow their overall business with minimal manual work.

Here’s what three of our Australian customers have to say about how it has helped their business to scale and grow.


Minimise manual work

“One of the plans we wanted was [for] wholesale clients to be able to log in, provision and manage services themselves from the start without any human interaction from Emerge staff at all, and we’ve now reached that point…We’ve essentially automated away the roles of two staff we had working from an overseas office.”

 – Droyt Robb, founder of Flintel (previously Emerge Internet)

Imagine if you could remove almost all the manual work from the various steps in your customer journey. No more manually entering in new customers’ details, no more huge spreadsheets or messy bill calculation. Hundreds of hours of time would be reclaimed for you and your staff to focus on other projects –  minimising labour costs and maximising productivity.

This is what Australian ISPs who use Emersion experience every time one of their services is signed up for, used, or paid for. Every step of the process can be automated using the Emersion platform combined with our integrations to hundreds of common software apps. The business accepts the billed revenue, and the automation platform takes care of everything else including billing, provisioning and service management

Australian ISP Flintel were able to grow their business by  12-15% month-on-month for the last three years due to the easy scalability provided by the Emersion platform. When you’re dealing with an automated customer portal instead of speaking personally to a team member, serving 1000 customers is just as easy as serving one.

Medium-sized ISPs like Flintel who deal with many wholesale customers can dramatically increase their business growth using the Emersion platform. Read more about how Flintel (previously Emerge Internet) grew their business exponentially with Emersion.


Automated billing for ISPs

‘All the billing side of things is taken care of. 95% of it I don’t have to worry about” 

– Laura Kelly, General Manager of Cybertel Telecom

Billing is one of the most important parts of running a successful ISP business and is extremely difficult to get right. In fact, a single data entry error made when creating an invoice can cost you up to $50. When you are working with thousands of customers this can quickly add up and eats into your profitability. An automated billing platform is an essential part of building a scalable business .

How to choose the right billing platform for your business


Real-time billing for ISPs

“Previously a lot of our resources were taken up dealing will billing issues, where with Emersion we’ve stopped the billing issues happening from the start…That’s really made a difference for us.”

– Steven Cagliostro, Managing Director of Hubify (ASX:HFY)

Emersion’s billing automation platform works in real-time, as opposed to more common batch-based billing systems. This has many benefits including minimising the impacts of any billing errors, being able to send out both ad hoc and subscription-based bills, running unique billing cycles for each day of the month, always using the freshest data available, and more. To learn more about the importance of using a real-time billing system in your ISP business, read our article on realising the power of real time billing data.


Turning unbilled data into extra revenue

Another benefit of automating the billing process is being able to find and calculate previously-unbilled data that was missed by the old less-capable or manual billing system. When a new customer is onboarded, is their usage being measured from the moment it’s turned on? When a service is switched off, is the customer being billed for the pro rata charges until the cancellation date? Are upstream and downstream usage charges being accurately applied? 

Many owners of ISPs are aware that at least some of their usage data falls through the cracks and can’t be retrieved or billed when the end of that month rolls around. When they start using Emersion to collect, calculate and bill the full amount every month, using zero manual labour, the difference to the bottom line can be massive.

Droyt Robb estimates that previously-unbilled revenue accounts for 5-10% of all revenue at his ISP Flintel. If you could make a change in your ISP business that would generate an extra 5-10% revenue, and reduce your workload, would you do it?

Read more about how you can use Emersion to capture unbilled revenue in your business.


Automation for your ISP business

Want to learn how Emersion can work for you at your ISP business, just like it has for so many others in your industry? 

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