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Growing a business is hard. We make it a whole lot easier, faster, and more profitable.

Emersion supercharges growth for MSPs, telcos and other service based businesses.

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Emersion integrates to over 100 business systems, vendors, distributors, payment merchants and enterprise software platforms.

We support a growing number of integrations including:

Emersion integrates to Australian Telco carrier Telstra
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Forget about manual work and human errors. Emersion saves teams thousands of hours and dollars by completely automating processes including subscription billing, service provisioning, reporting, compliance and more. Emersion will become the most productive worker in your business.

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It can be difficult to maintain a top-tier customer experience and great brand perception as your business grows. Emersion makes it easy to provide your growing customer base a ‘WOW’ experience, with highly customisable and scalable customer engagement features.

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Emersion is your automated accounts receivable department that never sleeps. Send your customers invoices based on usage data measured and compiled in real time. You’ll never need to pull out a calculator with Emersion.

Collect payments from a range of leading providers:


”All of our upstream carriers dump their feeds into Emersion. I don’t need to do a lot of excess work. So I’m only touching the customers account once, and then every month I have a look at their invoice. For me it’s great time efficiency.

Everything is automated and everything is sorted. So that obviously saves a lot of time and money for our business.”

Brianna Phillips

Administration Support – yourTelco

“There were a lot of billing issues (before moving to Emersion).

With Emersion we stopped the billing issues from the start – we’re doing more work but have got half the issues we had.“

Steven Cagliostro

Managing Director – HUBIFY
“The biggest benefit of Emersion is having the billing side of things pretty well taken care of. I don’t have to worry about it anymore because it happens automatically.

(Previously) we had all sorts of orphaned charges that weren’t being billed by our previous provider. With the quarantine system, we are able to bill for the full amount of usage – there is never anything missing.”

Laura Kelly

Managing Director – Cybertel

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Whiz Telecom Sydney uses emersion for their Telco billing platform.

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There are many different billing platforms available, but not all are created equal. Each has its own features, quirks and learning curve, which may or may not align with what your business needs.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about choosing the right billing platform for your business.

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