Datacom Systems are one of the leading IT providers in the Asia Pacific region. They have a high volume of provisioning work, and use Emersion to manage this.

We spoke to Michael Martinez, Telecommunications Provisioning Specialist at Datacom about his experience using Emersion.

How does Emersion compare to other provisioning systems?

Emersion can be complex, but because Michael comes from a technical background and had experience using a similar platform (Siebel CRM) he had no difficultly learning our system.

“I’m able to use Emersion smoothly, it is pretty straight forward, especially when provisioning phone numbers.”
Michael Martinez – Telecommunications Provisioning Specialist – Datacom Systems WA

How do you find the support offered by Emersion?

During the initial onboarding and training period, Michael was expecting a lot of questions from the provisioning team about how to use Emersion, but found that in most cases they were able to find the answers themselves by looking at Emersion’s online documentation.

“So far, the people around me haven’t asked me a lot of questions because Emersion’s documentation is so detailed.”
– Michael Martinez – Telecommunications Provisioning Specialist – Datacom Systems WA

Whenever he does have to reach out to Emersion’s support team, he’s been impressed with the help he receives.

“The support from the service desk is really good. It is direct and to the point – when you get an answer it’s exactly what you need to do.”
Michael Martinez – Telecommunications Provisioning Specialist – Datacom Systems WA

How has using Emersion helped to improve your processes?

By using Emersion, the provisioning team at Datacom systems have been able to improve productivity for new service activation. They have turned a process that would take more than half an hour into a process that now takes around one minute!

Previously, they would get phone numbers ready to be ported, then wait for the service to be activated before completing the rest of the number porting process. This was taking them around 30 minutes to add two or three services.

Michael worked with Emersion’s CEO Paul Dundas to see if he had any suggestions on how their process could be improved.

“I showed Paul how we were doing it. It was taking between 30 minutes to an hour for 3-4 services. The time adds up. Paul told us that because we were already adding the number into the system we could put them in a ‘pre-active’ state. We now do this a week before the number is due to be activated. If it goes through, we set the number to activate. If it does not get activated, we just click cancel. That’s it.”
Michael Martinez – Telecommunications Provisioning Specialist – Datacom Systems WA

This whole process now takes Michael around one minute and has boosted productivity by approximately 66%.

Emersion’s user interface helps to guide them through all the necessary steps involved in provisioning. This improves focus and productivity.

Whenever there are issues with a step in the provisioning process, Emersion highlights what has gone wrong. This makes it easier to find the issue and means that the provisioning team do not have to spend their time troubleshooting problems. 

In addition to this, Emersion’s quarantine function helps Datacom Systems to identify services that have potentially been undercharged. The team can then view these services and allocate payments accordingly. This ensures that they are collecting for the full amount of usage every time.

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