Did you know that most pilots spend just 3-7 minutes of a flight actively steering the plane during take-off and landing? For the rest of the flight, the plane’s automatic navigation systems are doing the work, and the pilot’s main role is to monitor these systems to ensure everything runs smoothly and predictably.

As a business owner, you’re a lot like a pilot. You’re in charge of, and also responsible for, where your business is heading. You want to make sure it’s going to your goal destination, and to encounter minimal problems on the way. Imagine what it would be like if your business could run on autopilot? 

The great news is that you don’t need to imagine, as that’s what business automation platforms like Emersion have been doing for businesses for years.

By integrating your systems and giving your customers powerful self-service tools we are able to automate many of your business processes including:

  • Subscription and usage billing
  • Invoicing, payment processing and collections
  • Synchronising data across multiple systems
  • Provisioning of voice and data services

This has flow-on effects to your business including:

  • Reduced time spent performing manual tasks
  • Fewer errors
  • Higher staff engagement

Here’s three great universal reasons you should be investing in automation for your business.

Reduced Time Spent Performing Manual Tasks

In 2015, McKinsey conducted research into business automation. They found that “as many as 45% of the activities individuals are paid to perform can be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies.

In fact, the average office worker spends 552 hours per year completing administrative or repetitive tasks. That equates to over 73 working days or 30% of the year!

Emersion helps businesses to automate many of these tasks which greatly reduces your resource cost while increasing productivity and focus. 

Fewer Errors

90% of employees are burdened with boring and repetitive tasks that can be easily automated. These tasks often occur at critical junctures for your business including:

  • New customer signups
  • New service activations
  • Transcription of data between systems

Every time one of your staff members has to perform tasks manually there is a risk of an error occurring. When you are performing a nearly identical task hundreds of times per day, it is hard for even the most motivated staff member to stay focused.

Errors will occur. When they do, it is often at the start of a customers journey with your business. These errors can result in delays in their service being activated, billing issues and more. This does not create a good first impression. In fact, research suggests that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved bad experience.

By automating these tasks Emersion is able to reduce the risk of errors occurring. 

Higher Staff Engagement

People often think that automation eliminates jobs when in reality it’s a way for businesses to work smarter. Functions like Emersion’s Quarantine reporting analyze usage information, and proactively alert team members when errors may have occurred.

Without this functionality one of two situations occur:

  1. Billing errors find their way onto your customer’s invoices, creating re-work and negative customer experiences.
  2. One of your staff members would have the incredibly tedious task of manually validating usage for every customer. In most cases, this would still result in some errors reaching the customer. 

Emersion automates tasks like these, meaning that staff can focus on more meaningful work. 

Start Automating Your Business Today. 

Implementing business automation initiatives typically generate returns of between 30-200% in the first year alone. In recent years the number of businesses using automation for mission-critical processes rose from 16% to 50%.

Business automation helps companies to outperform their competitors and sell their products at more competitive prices. It means they can get services activated faster and more efficiently than their competitors, and provide both their customers and staff with a better experience. 

Contact us for more information and to get started automating your business processes.