Emersion’s invoicing cost calculator

The processes of manually creating and sending invoices each month can cost companies anywhere from $12-$50 per invoice. The figure has a wide range due to the many variables of a company such as the size of the team handling invoicing, costs of software, and the time spent on it each month.

To help you estimate the true costs you’re incurring for each invoice sent, we’ve created a nifty Invoicing Cost Calculator, which you can use right now for free. Enter in the applicable figures for your business to instantly receive an estimate of your cost per invoice.

Don’t worry, none of the data you enter is stored anywhere. Both the numbers you entered in and your cost estimate are deleted from existence once you leave the page.

So what are you still doing here? Go ahead and get your free customised invoicing cost estimate now.

How to reduce your invoicing costs

Was your cost estimate higher than you expected? Did the process of filling out the calculator bring your attention to any areas of improvement in your billing process?

Research shows that the average cost of sending an invoice from a billing automation platform like Emersion is around $3.50. If you’d like to learn more about how billing automation can help you save on costs and grow your business with less time spent on manual work, book in a consultation.