The latest episode of the Emersion On Air podcast is here! Novatti Group Information Security Specialist Karthik Murali was kind enough to join us for a lesson in cybersecurity 101.

Listen now:

Karthik joins our Emersion On Air hosts Stevana Lee and Jesse Harrison to give an overview of the cybersecurity field in 2022, including: 

  • What cybersecurity professionals actually do all day 
  • Best ways to keep up to date with the word of cybersecurity 
  • Who the main targets of cybercrime are 
  • How to know when you’ve had a cybersecurity breach 
  • Cybersecurity in relation to current world events 
  • How cybersecurity has changed during and post-COVID 
  • Thoughts on the future and more. 

Listen to Cybersecurity 101 with Karthik Murali now on Emersion On Air!

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