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Emersion On Air is the podcast for technology business builders, hosted by Emersion team members Stevana Lee and Jesse Harrison. You’ll hear interviews, Q&As, news, tips and entertaining content on topics relating to the technology, telco, IT and business world.

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16 – Peter Cook on Enabling Global Digital Transformation with Novatti

Peter Cook has decades of experience in the telco, payments and fintech industries and has been the Novatti CEO for 22 years. On the latest episode of Emersion On Air, Peter Cook joins us for a discussion about how Novatti is enabling global digital transformation in 2022 and beyond.

Discussion points include:

  • Peter Cook’s background in the telco, fintech and payments space.
  • The history of Novatti as a company and a culture.
  • Enabling global digital transformation.
  • Peter’s view for the future of Novatti.
  • And more.


15 – Decrypting Blockchain for Business with Michaela Juri

Michaela Juric one of the OGs of blockchain technology in Australia, and is also the first person in Australia to have purchased a house using bitcoin. Today, Michaela works as our Blockchain Projects Manager at Novatti Group (which Emersion is a part of).

Discussion points include:

  • What is blockchain technology and why should we take note?
  • What are the business use-cases for blockchain tech?
  • How are we using it at Novatti Group?
  • Addressing scepticism about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Where is blockchain tech headed in the future?
  • How to get started with learning about and implementing blockchain?
  • And more.

14 – Paul Dundas at MSP Expo 2022: Good Back Office = Higher Profit + Lower Stress

The MSP and provider back office could do with more automation, automation that increase profits, reduces employee stress, and can help with improving employee efficiency. 

Paul Dundas, CEO of Emersion, and Gary Audin recorded this podcast at the ITEXPO show in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Paul points out that any size service business must deal with a range of billing platforms and different levels of automation. He points out that one platform can standardize outcomes, reduce errors, free up staff for other functions, and provide better security for the service provider. Paul stated that the goals for a good platform are: 

  • Good customer engagement 
  • Integration with other tools and apps
  • Better automation 
  • Standardized process and outcomes 

    This podcast is being republished on Emersion On Air with the permission of The Telecom Reseller podcast. The original episode can be found here: https://telecomreseller.com/2022/06/29/good-back-office-higher-profit-lower-stress-podcast/ 

    13 – The Great Resignation with Abbey Gladysz

    Abbey Gladysz is an experienced HR practitioner who has worked with some of the biggest brand names in the APAC region including McDonalds, Cotton On Group, and Wilson Security. She works currently as HR Manager of Novatti Group (ASX:NOV), which includes various financial technology businesses including Emersion, VascoPay, Flexepin and Novatti Payments.

    Abbey joins Stevana and Jesse on episode 13 of the Emersion On Air  podcast to go deep into the trend of The Great Resignation, it’s causes, impacts, and what it means for your business.

    Discussion points include:

    • Defining the Great Resignation
    • Contributing factors on both a macro and micro level
    • Impacts for businesses and individuals
    • Most common reasons for workers to leave in recent years
    • How to navigate the Great Resignation and retain/hire the best people, and more

    12 – Cybersecurity 101 with Karthik Murali

    Karthik Murali, Information Security Specialist at Novatti Group (ASX:NOV) joins Stevana and Jesse to give an overview of the cybersecurity field in 2022, including: 

    • What cybersecurity professionals actually do all day 
    • Best ways to keep up to date with the word of cybersecurity 
    • Who the main targets of cybercrime are 
    • How to know when you’ve had a cybersecurity breach 
    • Cybersecurity in relation to current world events 
    • How cybersecurity has changed during and post-COVID 
    • Thoughts on the future and more. 

    11 – Joni Jandal – Sales Leadership In The New World

    Stevana and Jesse are joined by Joni Jandal, Emersion VP of Sales for North America. We discussed all things SaaS sales and leadership in a 2022 post-COVID world, including:

    • Joni’s unlikely path into sales leadership
    • Effective habits that make great leaders and build strong teams
    • How to recruit A-grade salespeople
    • What B2B customers are looking for in the sales process
    • Tips for managing a team remotely
    • Joni’s predictions for the future of sales, and more!

    10 – Global News Roundup – March 2022

    Stevana and Jesse discuss breaking news and events surrounding the tech, telco, IT and business world in March 2022.

    • Ukraine’s tech community rises to the challenges of war
    • PayPal waive fees for Ukrainian users
    • SpaceX launched OneWeb satellite
    • Fake call between UK defence minitesr and ‘Ukrainian Prime Minister’
    • Impact of Fukushima earthquake on Toyota tech supply chain
    • Zoom announces ‘Zoom Contact Center’ product
    • Apple to release mask-friendly Face ID unlock with next iOS update
    • ASIC crackdown on financial advice from social media influencers
    • 16 years of Emersion

      9 – Building and Scaling a Business with Paul Dundas – Part 2

      For the latest 2-part episode of Emersion On Air, we sat down with Emersion founder and CEO Paul Dundas, to talk about the story of building and scaling the business, and the lessons he’s learnt along the way.

      In this episode, Paul answers our questions related to getting investment for a business in the early stages of growth, what to do as a CEO when your business is growing, how to handle global expansion, and more.

      8 – Global News Roundup – February 2022

      Stevana and Jesse discuss breaking news and events surrounding the tech, telco, IT and business world in February 2022.

      • Increase in cyber attacks
      • Average tech salary increase
      • Chip shortage reduces Toyota profits
      • Launch of CryptoSpend Visa cards with Novatti
      • RedditTalk expands to Desktop
      • Keysight Technologies and Samsung partner for 6G
      • Office365 price increase
      • Companies exaggerating their climate change progress
      • Cognizant to hire over 1000 new staff in Australia

        7 – Building and Scaling a Business with Paul Dundas – Part 1

        Emersion founder and CEO Paul Dundas joins Stevana and Jesse to talk about the story of building and scaling Emersion, and what other business builders can learn from it.

        We dived deep into why Emersion was founded, the milestones achieved, the many challenges Paul faced in the early years, and the lessons he’s taken with him from this journey that has spanned decades.

        6 – Global News Roundup – January 2022

        Stevana and Jesse discuss breaking news and events surrounding the tech, telco, IT and business world for January 2022. 

        • Emersion joins ConnectWise Invent Program
        • Superfunds open to crypto investments
        • Gartner’s digital currency predictions
        • Tesla car recall
        • DuckDuckGo browser to be released for Mac
        • WordPress vulnerabilities more than doubled in 2021
        • Cybersecurity threats to look out for in 2022
        • Apple briefly reaches $3T valuation
        • Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard
        • What’s Coming from Emersion in 2022 Podcast

        5 – What’s Coming From Emersion in 2022 with Paul Dundas

        Emersion founder and CEO Paul Dundas joins Jesse Harrison to discuss what’s coming from Emersion in 2022.

        00:00 – Introduction

        01:04 – Market segments

        02:20 – System and UI

        06:31 – Financial system integrations and modules

        20:00 – Additional integrations

        25:01 – Conclusion

        4 – 2021 News Roundup

        Stevana and Jesse discuss and reminisce about the big news stories that came from this year. Olympic skateboarding, boats blocking canals, supermoons, and many more stories from 2021.

        3 – Global News Roundup – December 2021

        Stevana and Jesse discuss global breaking news and events surrounding the tech, telco, IT and business world for December 2021.

        Stories covered:

        • Apache Log4j2 v2.14 bug.
        • The Omicron COVID variant’s impact on stock markets.
        • New features announced for Zoom.
        • Reddit plans to go public.
        • IDC report on the PC and Tablet markets.

        2 – APAC News Roundup – December 2021

        Stevana and Jesse discuss breaking news and events surrounding the tech, telco, IT and business world for December 2021.

        Stories covered:

        • RingCentral’s research findings about Remote Working in Australia.
        • Australia’s skill shortage grows.
        • Novatti’s performance at the FinTech Awards 2021.
        • ACMA fines Telstra.
        • Aussie Broadband acquires Over The Wire.

        1 – Telco Compliance with Sussana Gosios

        Stevana and Jesse are joined by Sussana Gosios, Customer Experience Manager at Emersion, to discuss all things telco compliance in Australia.

        Topics covered:

        • Who needs to comply with telco compliance laws.
        • How to stay up to date with changing telco compliance laws.
        • The biggest pitfalls organisations can run into.
        • How to stay compliant with telecommunications laws at your own organisation.
        • Businesses to partner with to ensure you stay compliant.
        • Features of Emersion that help our customers with telco compliance.
        • Resources for learning more.