Today we’re thrilled to be launching our new podcast: Emersion On Air!  

What is Emersion On Air? 

Emersion On Air is our new podcast series, hosted by Emersion team members Stevana Lee and Jesse Harrison. In the podcast, we’ll be bringing you interviews, Q&As, news, tips and entertaining content on topics related to the technology, telco, IT and business world.  

We have our first episode live for you to listen to right now on your podcast platform of choice. 

Episode 1: Telco Compliance With Sussana Gosios 

Stevana and Jesse are joined by Sussana Gosios from the Customer Experience team at Emersion. Sussana has many years of experience working in the telco industry and is our go-to person for everything telco compliance. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Who needs to comply with telco compliance laws. 
  • How to stay up to date with changing telco compliance laws. 
  • The biggest pitfalls organisations can run into. 
  • How to stay compliant with telecommunications laws at your own organisation. 
  • Businesses to partner with to ensure you stay compliant. 
  • Features of Emersion that help our customers with telco compliance. 
  • Resources for learning more. 

Listen to Emersion On Air: Telco Compliance with Sussana Gosios now. 

How do I listen? 

You can start listening and subscribe to Emersion On Air right now here. 

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