Sell Office 365 the easy way with Rhipe and Emersion.

Most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) sell Office 365 (O365). It usually takes a long time before each O365 subscription becomes profitable. This is because of the manual order processing involved in assigning O365 licences. Emersion’s integration with Rhipe means MSPs can start selling O365 at a profit from day 1.  

How long do your team currently spend processing O365 licences?

Did you know that you are losing money on every licence that your team spends over 3 minutes of their time managing each month^? Not only that, but you are also wasting your team’s most valuable resource – their time. For many MSPs  it can take up to a year before each O365 licence becomes profitable. Worse still – every time your business makes changes to that licence the clock resets! If you have customers with high staff turnover, this could mean you are always selling O365 at a loss. 

Start making a profit on every O365 licences you sell.

The O365 via Rhipe integration means that every O365 licence you sell is sold for a profit. When you do the maths, the average MSP will generate roughly $27,000 in profit. You can do this by taking into your account the:

  • O365 Monthly Subscription Price – Microsoft Office 365 licences cost anywhere from $6.90 to $17.20. (Microsoft 2019)
  • O365 Margin –  Most software vendors allow for a margin of between 10-15% of the recommended retail price (RRP) of O365.
  • Average Number of Users per Contract – The average MSP contract has 30 users (Service Leadership 2018).
  • Number of Clients per MSP – 71% of MSPs have 50 or more clients (Datto: How MSP are you).

This means that the average profit per O365 licence is $1.50. And that most MSPs would serve at least 1500 end users. That’s $2250 in profit every month! Or $27,000 profit every year!

Set custom sell prices for each of your customers

With the O365 via Rhipe integration, you can set higher subscription pricing than the default RRP.

This means that your profit margins can be further increased. You can set custom sell prices across your entire organisation, or just for selected customers. 

Save even more time by using Emersion’s self-service portal

The O365 via Rhipe integration can be combined with Emersion’s self-service portal. This means that your customers can view and make changes to their accounts without involving your team.  This includes managing O365 licences and will help to differentiate your business from your competitors, improving the customer experience while reducing customer churn and complaints.  Our self-service portals also reduce the volume of enquiries received by your team. This allows them to spend more time focusing on what matters to your business. Want to get started? Book a demo today, or call us on +61 3 8658 9400

^This calculation assumes that your staff are earning around $30 per hour and that you are making $1.50 on every subscription to Office 365 that you sell.