Send data from ConnectWise to Xero with Emersion.

Many businesses use multiple systems to manage their day to day operations. With Emersion, you simply connect the systems that you already use, eliminating the need to re-key data, minimising mistakes and empowering your team with a complete record of customer data. Emersion features native integrations to both ConnectWise and Xero. This enables you to send information from ConnectWise to Xero, automatically and in real-time.

How to send data from ConnectWise to Xero?

Emersion features a native integration into ConnectWise Manage. This enables data to be synched either from Emersion to ConnectWise or from ConnectWise to Emersion. 

Emersion also features a native integration into Xero. When Synchronising data from ConnectWise to Emersion, it is possible to then send that data into Xero.

Connectwise Xero Diagram

Sending data from ConnectWise to Emersion

When using Emersion as the master record, any information that you would usually put on a ConnectWise agreement such as products, labour and subscription services can be sent from ConnectWise to Emersion. 

In addition to this, you’ll also be able to automatically calculate any recurring usage charges through Emersion, and combine all of these with the charges from ConnectWise onto a single invoice. 

Emersion then handles your entire billing operations, including: 

  • Collecting usage charges from upstream telco carriers
  • Calculating the correct usage and pro-rata charges for any recurring services you sell
  • Generating and sending invoices
  • Collecting payment and reconciling with the correct accounts
  • Sending collections notifications
  • And much, much more

…then passing that data on to Xero

With the Xero integration, information can then be automatically sent to Xero including: 

  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Invoices
  • Product Line Items
  • Payment information

Not only will dramatically reduce the amount of manual work your team needs to perform, but it will also mean that your team will be able to rely on the data that’s in front of them no matter what system they use. 

Emersion has additional features designed to help your business scale and grow, including custom invoice templates, online customer portals and over 100 integrations. 

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Emersion is powerful billing & business automation software for MSPs, Telcos and Utility providers. With hundreds of integrations to enterprise software platforms, telco carriers, distributors, payment gateways and subscription software vendors, it has everything your business needs to scale and grow. 

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