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Synchronise data between ConnectWise and Emersion, and aggregate all products and services sold onto a single invoice.

Choose Your Configuration

The Emersion integration for ConnectWise has been designed to work with every configuration of ConnectWise. You can choose to use Emersion or ConnectWise as the master record:

ConnectWise as Master


Providers can choose to use ConnectWise as the master record. In this configuration:

    • Usage and Pro-rata charges are automatically calculated in Emersion
    • Calculated charges are synchronised to ConnectWise
    • These charges are then added onto the relevant ConnectWise agreement

This saves time and ensures that you will charge for the full amount of usage every time.

Emersion as Master


When using Emersion as the Master record:

  • Charges from ConnectWise are synchronised to Emersion.
  • All charges are automatically aggregated onto a single invoice in Emersion
  • Invoices are automatically dispatched to the end-user.
  • Subscription payments can be automatically taken.
  • Accounts are automatically reconciled.

This unlocks the full subscription and recurring functionality of Emersion.

Why Choose Emersion

Emersion’s billing and payment automation functionality makes it possible to work with large customer bases from within Xero.

Real-Time Sync

Bi-directional sync between ConnectWise, Emersion and other connected systems

Improve Profits

Usage and pro-rata charges calculation ensures you charge the full rate every time

Sell Telco Services

Easily sell telco services with billing, service and provisioning automation

Invoice Templates

Custom invoice templates aggregate every service onto a single invoice

Payment Automation

Take subscription payments automatically via credit card or direct debit

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Enterprise Software Integration

Synchronise ConnectWise with other Enterprise software packages

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