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  • Gnet Live has increased their automation capabilities with Emersion, saving time equivalent to 1 FTE billing staff member
  • See how Emersion allows Gnet Live to focus on growth
  • Emersion’s recurring billing and automation functionality saved significant time for the business

“Emersion came across our desk, and we were like well, that looks like it does exactly what we want to do.”

Andrew Gilbett, Managing Director, Gnet Live

Gnet Live is an internet service provider based in Lake Macquarie. They provide a range of solutions, including voice and internet services. Their Gnet Live Fixed wireless plans offer some of the fastest connection speeds in the Lake Macquarie area.

Gnet Managing Director Andrew Gilbert knew that many of his day to day billing processes could be automated, which is why he focused on finding a billing platform that was designed to support the needs of the Telco industry.

He went looking for a system that could do it all, from recurring billing to service management and even real-time synchronization to Xero. That’s when he found Emersion.


Watch: Why Gnet Live chose Emersion.


Gnet Live were able to automate the equivalent of 1 FTE team member by using Emersion

“…Emersion’s improved our billing…That’s really what the value has been, increasing the automating capability of what we do. Everything for us is recurring invoicing. Every month or week is quote labour intensive and we’ve been able to reduce a bit of overhead because of that.”

Andrew Gilbett, Managing Director, Gnet Live

Andrew believed that the biggest benefit of using Emersion is it’s automated billing functionality. Everything is automated with billing and payments becoming set and forget.

Before they implemented Emersion, Gnet Live needed a full time staff member to manage their billing. With Emersion they were able to automate the billing tasks associated with that person, allowing that team member to spend more time focusing on growth and customer experience.

Emersion is able to automate many business processes, including usage collection and calculation, invoice generation and even payment processing. Robust service management functionality means that payments are automatically allocated to the correct account, and the service can be switched off or kept on based on the payment status.


Watch: How Gnet Live used Emersion to automate away tasks equivalent to 1 FTE team member. This allowed them to save on overhead costs and devote staff time to other activities.


Xero issues integrating to accounting platforms

Gnet Live were already using Xero when they made the switch to Emersion, and were delighted to find out that not only could Emersion make their billing processes more efficient, it would also push all financial information to Xero, automatically.

“There’s a straightforward way of getting the payments matched to the correct user. We’ve had very few issues out of the thousands of transactions we’ve processed which is very good.”

Andrew Gilbett, Managing Director, Gnet Live


Watch: How Gnet Live used Emersion’s Xero integration to automate the processing of thousands of transactions per month. This saved the Gnet team entire days of time previously spent working in Xero.


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