Most Emersion customers use the contract object as a way to switch their customers between plans without having them incur break fees or cancellations to their existing service subscriptions. But did you know that the contract object can also be used to provide further discounts and incentives to your customers?

In this free webinar, Emersion’s Head of Education and Training, Sharon Carpenter will be running you through how to achieve various business goals with the discounts available through our contracts object. The discount options available are: 

  • Early upgrades
  • Fixed period discounts 
  • Ongoing per period discounts 

The contracts object is included with every instance of Emersion, and there are no additional access fees or setup fees required to take advantage of these discount options. Register for the webinar today.


When: Thursday 26th November at 11 AM AEDT
Audience: Existing clients
Cost: Free
Length: 30 minutes including questions


This webinar has finished. To view a recording of it please fill in the link below.