Our product development and technology teams are constantly raising the bar on what a business and billing automation platform can do.

Here is what we have released this month.

New Integrations

Salesforce Integration

The Emersion for Salesforce App has been cleared for release on the Salesforce App Exchange. This app acts as an integration between the two platforms and puts custom financial objects (Invoices, Payments and Services) from Emersion into Salesforce. 

We are currently testing the integration with pilot customers and will make it available to our broader client base shortly. 

Find out more about the Emersion for Salesforce App Here. 

Two new Australian Payment Gateways

Emersion is able to automate payment processing and reconciliation by integrating to various payment gateways. Our team have recently built two new Australian payment gateway integrations:

  • Westpac Australia (Payway and QValent)- Support for direct debit from bank account or credit card transactions. 
  • Merchant Warrior – Support for direct debit from bank account or credit card transactions.

These join our growing list of payment vendors supported in Australia including ANZ, CommBank, Secure Pay, Ezi Debit and Stripe.

Find out more about our Payment Gateway integrations here.

New Modules and Features

Bulk Imports

New bulk import and data processing tools are live including: 

  • Accelerate Invoice Generation Import – This changes the invoice generation date to the 1st of every month as opposed to the 3rd of every month. 
  • End-User Portal Users Import – This import tool allows companies to rapidly set up multiple customers with end-user portal usernames and passwords and activate their accounts. An optional notice can then be sent to the user notifying them that they now have end-user portal access. 

Updates to Existing Integrations

VOCUS NBN Provisioning (Australia)

Emersion is able to fully automate the provisioning of new NBN Services through Vocus (Australia). This premium service type has undergone key refinements including: 

  • Two new speeds have been added along with support for filtering to support limitations on HFC
  • Layer 2 (L2) connections now work with Emersion Managed RADIUS, allowing you to enter the authentication details at the same time as ordering the service. 
  • An optional notification for Greenfield’s orders in both Cumulus and the Sign Up Portal that lets uses know an NBN Development Charge will apply to their connection. This notification must be confirmed before the order can be placed. 
  • Three additional fields have been mapped for VOCUS NBN NCL2 Orders
    • Churn Authority Date
    • Data Port Number
    • NBN CPE Plan ID
  • A number of changes have been made to improve how the ordering of NBN services works through the Emersion API including:
    • Fixing an issue where API orders did not store the CVC ID in SQ data. 
    • Fixing an issue that was causing issues for NCL2 orders. 
    • When a landline phone number for a new order is matched to an existing copper pair that number is now passed onto Vocus. 
  • The Services > Provisioning Errors screen now shows any service subscriptions that have been under investigation for more than one day, even when they have not been halted. This helps companies identify instances where the connection has broken and the system was not able to halt the subscription. (Is this the connection between Emersion and Vocus, or the Connection to the NBN)
  • If Vocus returns a transaction state of ‘Withdrawn’ or ‘Failed’ the preactive subscriptions will be set to ‘Aborted’. Provisioning was previously being halted if this occurred. (Can Provisioning now be resumed?) 

Find out more about our NBN Provisioning integrations here. 

ConnectWise Manage Integration

Emersion features a native integration to ConnectWise Manage. This synchronises data between the two systems and opens up the powerful Emersion ecosystem to ConnectWise Users. 

Our latest enhancement to ConnectWise Manage makes it easier for companies with individual accounts (e.g. B2C businesses) to handle their billing requirements from Emersion. 

You can find out more about our ConnectWise Integration here. 

Xero Integration

The Emersion Billing and Payments Integration for Xero synchronises data from Emersion into Xero. This makes it easy for businesses to manage large client bases through automation and integration while continuing to use Xero for Payroll and Accounting purposes. 

We are now making it easier for companies to identify credit notes synchronised from Emersion by replacing the Xero generated credit note identifier (e.g. CN-xxxxxx’) with the Emersion invoice ID. 

We’ve also made it possible to import accounts from Xero during onboarding.

You can find out more about the Xero integration by clicking here. 

Updates to Existing Modules

Custom Invoice Layouts

Our custom invoice templates have been upgraded with even more functionality:

  • Total amounts can now be displayed as rounded to two or three decimal places. This applies to all custom invoice templates.
  • Header fields can now be right or left aligned on Invoice Layout 1, the Agent-Based Invoice and the Usage Statement. 
  • Clients can now replace the default payment advice section with the payment instructions grid on the agent-based invoice layouts. 
  • Clients who use the ‘Replace Charges Summary with Single Figure’ setting can now choose to display either the current charges or the total amount due on an invoice. 

More details on these changes can be found in Emersion’s release notes

Release Notes

For full details about these updates and other release information please view the release notes. If you are ready to improve your business call us now on +61 3 8658 9400