ConnectWise Integration

Enhance ConnectWise with subscription and usage billing, custom invoice templates and credit card payments.

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What are the benefits of Emersion's ConnectWise integration?

Gain access to the advanced billing, provisioning and payment functionality of Emersion by synchronising data with ConnectWise

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Comprehensive data replication

Synchronise objects and data between Emersion and ConnectWise, including:

• Accounts and Contacts
• Invoices
• Sites
• Subscription billing objects
• Products and product purchases
• Financial transactions
• Agreement additions
• Invoice cardlines and fragments

Choose your source

With both push and pull sync options available, you retain the control over which system is your source and destination.

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Enables end-to-end automation

Our integration enables you to use Quosal for leads and sales activity, ConnectWise Manage for time management and service management and Emersion for subscription and usage billing, service management and much more.

This means you'll be able to automate your finance and sales processes.

Powerful control panel

The administration screens provide users with the ability to:

• configure a sync direction for various objects
• set up default behaviours
• set up data mappings so only relevant data is synchronised. 
• view and resolve errors. 

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Are you a Xero user too?

By using the Emersion integration with ConnectWise and leveraging our integration with Xero, you also gain the advantage of keeping all three systems in sync with each other.

Find out more about Emersion's XERO integration here.

Access our Integrations

The ConnectWise integration also works with our other integrations. Featured integrations for MSPs include:

Microsoft Office 365 via Rhipe
Fully automated provisioning on NBN services

You can view some of our other integration partners here.

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