Enhance Salesforce With:
Subscription Information, Invoices, Customer Portals, Transactional Data, Billing Automation,

The Emersion for Salesforce App will synchronise contact and account information between the two systems and make it possible to view financial information from within Salesforce.

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The Emersion for Salesforce App enhances salesforce with financial information, giving Salesforce users a true 360-degree view of their customers.

Two Way Sync

Synchronise account and contact information between Emersion and Salesforce.


Emersion's custom objects have been designed to work with any Salesforce configuration.

Display Financial Information

Subscription information, payments, transactions and even invoices are displayed in Salesforce.


Remove data silos

The App synchronises data between Salesforce and Emersion, letting your team work from their preferred system while ensuring that contact and account information is accurate.

This saves time, reduces errors and ensures that the information you and your team are acting upon is up to date.

Report on Emersion and Salesforce data

Enhance Salesforce reports and dashboards with information from Emersion including invoices, payments and subscriptions.

This will help your team connect the dots across departments, leading to better company-wide performance.

Automate subscription billing

Emersion can automate the subscription billing process, including invoicing, payment processing and sending collection notifications. This saves time and improves cash flow.

Your customer's account status and payment information are synchronised to Salesforce in real-time.

Display invoices

Emersion features a range of custom invoice templates that are easy to understand and make it clear how to pay.

Invoices from Emersion can be displayed in Salesforce. This will let your customer service team handle many financial enquiries without needing to log into other systems or escalate to finance.

Access the Emersion ecosystem

Emersion integrates to vendors, carriers and other enterprise software platforms (e.g. Xero).

Information from these integrations, such as service status and usage can then be pushed to Salesforce.

Easily sell voice, data and energy services

Emersion integrates to voice, data and energy providers and makes it easy to provision services and bill for them.

Calculation of usage and pro-rata charges occurs automatically, saving your team time and ensuring that you are billing for the full amount of usage every time.

ConnectWise and Xero integration

The Emersion for Salesforce App lets companies integrate Salesforce to ConnectWise and/or Xero through Emersion.

To do this, companies will need the Salesforce Module and the ConnectWise/ Xero Module(s).

Accept multiple payment methods

Emersion features integration to multiple payment providers including Stripe, Ezidebit and many major banks.

This makes it easy for companies to accept multiple payment methods including Credit Card, EFT, Direct Debit and more.

Online Customer Portals

Embed customer portals on your website and let your customers sign up for new services and manage their accounts online. Changes made in these online customer portals are automatically updated in Salesforce.

This improves customer experience while also reducing your workload.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Emersion for Salesforce App synchronises contact and account information between Salesforce and Emersion. This means that your staff can work out of their preferred systems without the need to re-key data. For instance, sales and customer service teams can continue to work from within Salesforce, while your finance team can work from Emersion.

In addition to this, custom objects are created in Salesforce for Invoices, Payments and Services that display Emersion data within Salesforce.

This information can be used in Salesforce reports and dashboards and helps your organisation connect the dots between departments.
Yes. The Custom objects created in Emersion act just like any other object within Salesforce. This means you can customise these to improve how your agents work.

These objects and fields can be configured to display in any page layout.
Yes. The Custom objects created in Emersion act just like any other object within Salesforce.

This means they will work in both Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic.
Custom objects (Payments, Subscriptions and Invoices) are created by Emersion within Salesforce, as well as some custom fields on Account and Contact pages to help identify what information needs to be synchronised with Emersion.
Data is synchronised at least every minute. Salesforce users will also be able to synchronise information in real-time by clicking a button.
The app has been designed for companies who sell subscription and/ or usage products and services like Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Telcos, Utility companies and Software vendors.
Yes. You will need to be an existing Emersion customer to use the app.

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