Salesforce Integration

Emersion integrates natively to Salesforce, the worlds #1 CRM.

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The only finance app you'll ever need

Emersion takes the place of multiple salesforce integrations, Here's why we believe it's the right fit for your organisation:

Data synchronisation

Synchronise data between Emersion and Salesforce.

This improves staff efficiency, reduces the chances of errors occurring and improves collaboration between your customer-facing teams and finance team.

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Sell voice and data services

Emersion integrates to carriers and wholesalers in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and eliminates the headaches that often occur when companies start incorporating usage-based services (e.g. mobile phone plans, VoIP, Internet) into their product mix.

This is an opportunity to up sell to your existing customer base, increasing recurring revenue and profitability without a huge investment in sales and marketing.

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Automate the Payment & Collections Process

Emersion automates the majority of the payment and collection process including:

• Pro-rata charge calculation
• Usage charge calculation
• Invoice generation and dispatch
• Payment processing
• Subscription billing
• Collection reminders

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Accept Multiple Payment Methods

Our Salesforce integration lets your customers pay through multiple payment methods including:

• Credit Card
• Direct Debit
• Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)
• BPay Payments (Australia Only)

Find out more about Emersion's payment functionality here.

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Custom Invoice Templates

Emersion's features an array range of custom invoice templates that have been built with the needs of MSPs, Telcos and utility providers in mind.

These display usage information, have space for advertising and can be customised to match the look and feel of your brand.

Find out more about Emersion's payment functionality here.

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Full compatibility with our Integrations

Companies who are using Salesforce can gain access to our full suite of integrations including our Self Service Portals, NBN Provisioning (VOCUS and AAPT) and Xero Integration.

Find out more about our integration partners here.

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