Automated billing in 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital technologies in driving productivity and growth, increasing resilience, and creating new opportunities for industries. 31% of business now fully automate at least one function. Customary business operations have been dramatically transformed including the crucial billing processes.

Any running business – big or small, privately held or public corporation – needs billing. Without billing, cash flow will dry up and business will collapse. But not all organizations know that they can optimize their billing process.

Automated invoicing has the potential to be a lot cheaper for businesses than manual invoice generation.

Find out how much your invoicing could truly be costing you.

Automated billing with Emersion

With Emersion, businesses can increase profits, streamline operations, reduce overheads and improve customer experience. Our infographic below presents what the Emersion platform can bring to every business.

  1. Improved cashflow
  2. Operating cost savings
  3. Payment fees savings
  4. Boost productivity and bottom line


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