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Enhance salesforce with real time information about services, transactions and invoices.

How it Works

Expand the range of enquiries your team can manage from Salesforce with real-time subscription, payment and invoice information.

The app requires minimal configuration and will work with our online customer portals, custom invoice templates and 70+ vendor integrations.


  • Lightning Ready
  • Minimal Configuration
  • Real Time Sync

Why Choose Emersion

Emersion’s billing and payment automation functionality makes it possible to work with large customer bases from within Xero.

360° View

Expand what your reps can do with real time transaction, service and invoice details

Sell Telco Services

Easily sell telco services with billing, service and provisioning automation

Invoice Templates

Custom invoice templates aggregate every service onto a single invoice

Payment Automation

Take subscription payments automatically via credit card or direct debit

Improve Profits

Usage and pro-rata charges calculation ensures you charge the full rate every time

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Enterprise Software Integration

Synchronise Salesforce with other Enterprise software packages

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