Over the past year, Emersion has invested heavily in customer experience including establishing the Emersion Operations Centre, and hiring 9 new team members to fill key roles in our business. Our latest investment is the Emersion Engage Portal.

What is the Engage Portal?

The Emersion Engage Portal is a dedicated resource for existing customers to: 

  • Find information about their onboarding projects
  • Lodge requests for support and training (previously managed through the Emersion Service Desk)
  • View previous requests for support and training 
  • See important announcements about new features and upcoming changes to the Emersion platform

The Engage portal will eventually become the go-to destination to find any information you need to know about Emersion and we will continue to enhance and improve it in the coming months. Our development roadmap for includes:

  • A completely redesigned online training program for onboarding, ongoing use and optimisation of Cumulus/ Emersion. 
  • The ability to view and chat with key contacts at Emersion online (Account Management, Support, Customer Service etc.)
  • Online documentation on how to set up, manage and configure Emersion (previously held on the Wiki/ Emersion Knowledge Base)
  • Overviews of additional modules and features of Emersion, and how they can enhance your business
  • A directory of preferred vendors, distributors and payment gateways/ providers who we already integrate into. 
  • Our development roadmap and what new features, integrations and system enhancements are on the horizon.

Video preview of the Engage Portal


When will the Engage Portal be released?

We will be releasing the Engage portal on Monday the 1st of February. All existing users from the Emersion Service Desk will be granted a login for the Engage Portal which will be sent to them via email. 

Customers can still lodge support tickets through the Emersion Service Desk until the 31st of January 2021. After this point, customers will no longer be able to lodge new support tickets through the Service Desk but will be able to view any previously submitted requests through there until the 31st of July 2021.