Our product development and technology teams are constantly raising the bar on what a business and billing automation platform can do.

Here is what we have released this month.

New Integrations

Two New Australian Inbound Providers (Vonex and Optus Inbound)

Vonex and Optus Inbound join the list of inbound (e.g. 1300 and 1800 phone lines) service providers in Australia. Other providers with existing inbound integrations include:


  • AAPT
  • Buroserv
  • Coloured Lines
  • Comms Code
  • Entrust
  • FaktorTel
  • Fone Dynamics
  • FoneBox
  • Globe Inbound
  • iBOSS
  • Maxotech
  • NetSIP
  • Neural Networks
  • Optus
  • Symbio
  • Telstra
  • Think Pickle
  • M2/ Vocus
  • Virtutel

New Zealand

  • Spark Wholesale
  • Vodaphone

Two new Australian VoIP Providers (iVox VoIP and Telco In A Box NBN Voice)

Emersion has recently built integrations for iVox VoIP and Telco In a Box NBN Voice. Other VoIP billing integrations include:


  • Symbio (AU)
  • Virtutel (AU)

New Zealand

  • 2 Talk (NZ)

New Payment Gateway (Westpac NZ BACHO – Direct Debit)

Emersion is able to automate payment processing and reconciliation by integrating to various payment gateways. Our team have recently a new payment gateway integration to Westpac NZ BACHO – Direct Debit.

These join our growing list of payment vendors supported in New Zealand including:

  • ANZ (Direct Debit and Credit Card)
  • ASB Bank (Direct Debit)
  • Bank of New Zealand (Direct Debit)
  • Stripe (Credit Card)

Find out more about our Payment Gateway integrations here.

Updates to Existing Integrations

New speeds added to Vocus NBN Services (Australia)

Emersion is able to fully automate the provisioning of new NBN Services through Vocus (Australia). This premium service type continues to undergo regular updates.

Vocus has recently released new speed tiers, and these have now been built on the Emersion platform.  

Find out more about our NBN Provisioning integrations here. 

Updates to Existing Modules

Minimum payment amounts now support decimal places

In Emersion, providers are given the option to set a payment threshold or minimum payment amount for each payment type. This is so that in instances where the invoice balance is very low the costs of collecting the payment (merchant services fees, postage etc.) are not more than the amount collected.

The minimum payment amount now supports decimal places.

More details on these changes can be found in Emersion’s release notes

Release Notes

For full details about these updates and other release information please view the release notes. If you are ready to improve your business call us now on +61 3 8658 9400