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Zero touch NBN provisioning

How it works

Emersion makes NBN provisioning a whole lot easier by automating the entire sign up, activation and billing process. Here's how it works:

  1. New customers sign up through online sign up portals

  2. A NBN availability check is conducted

  3. An order is placed with your upstream carrier (Vocus or AAPT)

  4. The initial payment is taken 

  5. The customer is sent login details for their end user portal

  6. The service is activated by the upstream carrier

  7. The customer is notified that the service is active

  8. Any charges for the NBN are automatically added onto your customer's monthly bill

  9. Payment is taken automatically

Key integrations for NBN provisioning

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  • A seamless customer experience - Not only can your customers sign up for new services and manage their accounts online, but they will also benefit from improved order times with less errors thanks to fully automated NBN provisioning.

  • Increased profit margins - Automated provisioning reduces your resource costs, while upsell opportunities as part of the sign up process maximise the revenue you receive from each customer.

  • Improved cash flow - Any usage charges for the NBN (alongside any other services sold) are automatically aggregated onto an invoice and sent to your customers. Subscription payments are automatically processed, leading to better cash flow for your business.

  • Fewer complaints - Sign up portals mean that your customers are entering their details directly into your ordering platform, minimising the chance of data entry errors occurring. This leaves little room for data entry errors. Automatic provisioning, billing and service management greatly reduces the likelihood of any further errors occurring, leading to faster service activations and fewer errors reaching your customers.

Benefits of automated NBN provisioning for your business

benefits of automated NBN provisioning for  you business
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Online customer portals

Online customer portals can be customised to match your brand and embedded in your website menu. These combine to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers.

  • Sign up portals - These make it easy for new customers to sign up for new services online without having to contacting your staff by phone or visit a physical location. All required data entry is done by your customers, so there is no work required from your team.

  • End user portals - These are where your customers can go after they sign up to view and manage their account, make a payment and view past invoices. Customers can be sent a login for the end user portal as part of their sign up process.
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how zero touch NBN provisioning works

Zero touch NBN provisioning with Emersion

“When providing NBN services, you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to sign up. We can add one customer or five hundred – it doesn’t make a difference. Emersion helped us to add a variety of different products and makes it very simple to sell these into the market."
Neels Fourie - Director - FibreMax 

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“One of the plans we wanted was [for] wholesale clients to be able to log in, provision and manage services themselves from the start without any human interaction from Emerge staff at all, and we’ve now reached that point…We’ve essentially automated away the roles of two staff we had working from an overseas office.”

Droyt Robb - Founder - Flintel

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