Managing Your Retailers

At Emersion, we understand that the telecommunications industry is continuously changing. New services and bundle offerings are constantly emerging. To support your Retailers, using the Emersion® Umbrella Solution enables them to self-service, reducing your management overhead.

How It Works

We provide Call Detail Records and other internal interfaces for your Retailers and can assist you to reconcile and audit your carrier / supplier bills.

As specialists in Billing and Provisioning, We have the ability and flexibility to assist your Retailers. Offered via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, our systems are scalable creating a low cost of entry and scalable maintenance agreement.

Single Platform

Emersion provides a unique enabling technology via a single portal that eliminates the cost and time to integrate and manage multiple systems.

Fully Transparent

Most Retailers start off as small businesses, and resource their infrastructure with ad hoc systems enough to start trading. As their businesses grow, so too do their needs and demands on the Wholesaler.

Add the complexity of mergers within the Wholesale market, and most Retailers struggle to stay on top of their Billing systems. To reduce the risk of losing wholesale customers adding a strong Billing and Provisioning Partner adds value to the Retailer and saves you time and money.

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