Managed Service Providers

One of the biggest challenges for Managed Service Providers is the complexity of managing multiple internal systems to service customers

Reconciling exactly what’s being charged in, and matching it with what’s being charged out, becomes complex as more services are offered via multiple suppliers. Re-keying supplier charges into multiple systems can be time consuming, costly and error-prone.

Changing customer needs can severely impact the profitability of Managed Service Providers if current systems can’t adapt or provide automated audit trails.

At Emersion, we recognise the need to combine all charges, no matter what the source, on to a single bill

We recognise that Managed Service Providers are continually trying to add value to their customer relationships.  We also see a natural trend in Managed Service Providers moving, from one-stop IT shops to one-stop ITC shops, as they continue to help simplify their customer’s businesses.

Telecommunication and data charges can be complex. Suppliers are frequently changing bundled offers, peak and off-peak charges, and usage caps as competition increases.  As specialists in Billing and Provisioning systems for telecommunications and data services, Emersion provides tailored solutions for Managed Service Providers.  Our workflow management and ability to integrate to multiple systems and suppliers offers a platform for future growth.

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