Telco compliance: 
What you need to know

Any Australian business providing voice services (including VoIP) has an obligation to comply with the Telecommunications Act of 1997. 

In this not to be missed webinar, our team takes you through the Act and what it means for your business including:

  • Why meeting your compliance obligations under the Telecommunications Act of 1997 is more important than ever before.
  • Strategies to help you manage your obligations while minimising the impact on your business
  • What we believe are the most important things that Australian Telcos, ISPs and MSPs need to know about the act including: 
    • Who has to comply with the act
    • What to check before signing up a new customer
    • The Integrated Public Numbers Database (IPND)

Fines for non-compliance typically cost businesses thousands of dollars. Don’t risk it! Our team know the Telecommunications Act like the back of our hands and will bring you up to speed quickly and easily.

Please note that while this webinar touches on legal themes we are not lawyers and the advice provided in this webinar is not legal advice.


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