Utilities billing solution

Emersion helps utilities and energies providers to streamline their operations and manage highly complex billing.

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Utility Billing Software

Why Choose Emersion

Here are some of the reasons that Emersion is the ideal billing platform for the energy and utilities industries.

Automate manual processes

Emersion automates many end-to-end processes for utility companies including billing, provisioning, payment reconciliation and collections.

This saves time, reduces errors and helps to position your business for success.

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Connect your systems

By connecting your systems together, Emersion is able to automate many of your processes.

This also means that data can be synchronised across all of your platforms meaning that your staff can operate out of whatever platform they choose too.

This saves time and means that everyone in your business is making decisions based on accurate data.

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Improve cash flow

Emersion is a real-time billing system. We automate many manual processes including:

• Calculating usage charges
• Calculating access fees
• Dispating invoices
• Collecting payments

This dramatically improves cash flow.

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Discount bundles

Motivate clients to purchase more of your services by bundling different services together.

Discounts are automatically calculated and applied to customer invoices. These invoices can also display advertising, making it easy to advertise services to your customers.

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Smart invoice templates

Emersion features smart invoice templates that:

• display your branding
• put usage on an easy to understand graph
• itemise product, service and usage
• have space for promotions

These can be dispatched automatically at the end of the month via email or sent to a mail house.

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End-user portals

Emersion's end-user portals can be customised to match the look and feel of your brand and let your customers view and update their account details, pay their invoices and change payment methods.

This saves your company time and resources while improving customer engagement.

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Multi-tier support

All of Emersion's functionality works in multi-tiered environments.

This is ideal for companies who sell wholesale electricity services and has the added benefit of improving your downstream customer's operations through integration, automation and engagement.

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