Supplier Auditing

“Lack of Visibility into communications is costing companies at least $100,000 for every million spent on services” (Source: Gartner 2007).

In an increasingly competitive telecommunications environment, carriers are offering clients customised tariff arrangements, in lieu of traditional pricing structures based on carrier standard form of agreements. Carrier billing systems are struggling to accommodate this flexible tariffing environment with almost every contract being unique in respect to its pricing and billing requirements. Billing errors in excess of 10% of contract sum are not uncommon. At the same time companies are increasingly focusing on corporate governance practices including total telecom cost management strategies.

CIO’s / CFO’s looking to Audit their Telecommunications Supplier costs can utilise Emersion’s systems to Rate all the usage from their supplier at their contracted rates and verify them against their Supplier Bills and usage files.

Emersions Systems can easily be adapted to analyse carrier billing records together with client network information to ensure that all services are charged correctly and are being used efficiently.

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