Provisioning/Order Management


The Emersion Service Management System provides interfaces to the Client’s Suppliers to manage the workflow, ordering and provisioning of services.

Emersion’s System guides the user through the service qualification and ordering process, removing the confusion, complication and costly re-keying of information. Customer invoices are generated automatically for all charges associated with their services.

The Emersion Batch Mediation System and Real Time Integration System interfaces with multiple carriers and service providers, internal and customer management systems. Detail records and usage are retrieved from carriers or service providers without user intervention.

The User interface allows for

  • Service Qualification
  • New Service Activation
  • Porting Services from other Networks
  • Churning services between Clients
  • Change Service Components (e.g. Value Added Services)
  • Terminations
  • Relocations
  • Migrations between Package plans

Emersion is fully integrated with multiple Suppliers, using different communications protocols, such as web services, FTP, XML etc.

Emersion can provision multiple services from multiple providers to invoice a single end user.

Order Management

Wherever possible Emersion strives to automate the provisioning process, including the automatic activation and deactivation of services and subsequent automatic calculation of pro rata charges and credits respectively.  It is always our core desire to automate everything we can to improve accuracy and lower operational costs for our clients.  Sometimes this is not possible due to the supplier having only either a partial or non-existent API, which is beyond our control.  In this circumstance we provide semi-manual provisioning and the ability to manage the order in Cumulus so that visibility over the status and history of the service is available at all times.

Contact us to find out how your provisioning and order management can be handled in Emersion.