Emersion for MSPs

Emersion helps MSPs to scale through a process of integration, automation and engagement.

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Emersion for MSPs

Billing, provisioning and payments for MSPs.

Emersion is a complete billing, provisioning and payments system for MSPs. Here are some of the reasons your company should work with us.

System integration

Most businesses lose approximatly 12% of their revenue because of bad data. This is often caused by companies having multiple systems that staff have to keep up to date. Emersion helps businesses to break down silos and reduce double-handling between departments.

Not only does this reduce manual data entry, but it also helps to free up time and resources to focus on growing your business.

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Business process automation

By integrating Emersion with your systems you can automate many of your end-to-end processes. Some of these include:

• Subscription and usage billing
• Invoice generation
• Payment processing
• Provisioning of services

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Sell voice and data easily

Emersion integrates to commonly used carriers in the Asia Pacific region, and automates usage based billing. This makes it easy for MSPs to sell usage based services like:

• Mobile phone plans
• Landlines
• VoIP
• Unified communications
• Internet

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Real time billing

Real time billing improves cash flow and allows companies to send both ad-hoc and subscription-based invoices.

We also make billing for usage based services much easier. For example, usage charges are automatically pulled from your suppliers to your customers accounts. If they need to changes cancellations or activation new services, the pro-rata usage amounts are automatically calulated and applied to every invoice.

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End-user portals

Emersion's end-user portals can be integrated with your website and make it easy for customers to update their details, manage their payment methods and view their invoices.

Find out more about our end-user portals here.

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Integrations For MSPs

Here are some of our most commonly used integrations for MSPs.

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Our integration extends ConnectWise by plugging into Emersion and synchronising data and enabling subscription and usage-based billing in ConnectWise.

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Office 365 via Rhipe

Automatically assign Office 365 licences, or better yet - let your customers do it themselves through our self-service options.

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Synchronise customer accounts between Xero and Emersion and make it easier for your staff to reconcile payments.

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