Accounts Management

Emersion is incredibly flexible in terms of Accounts Management.  You can create different types of accounts for different purposes. The type of account you create determines:

  • at what place or level in the Emersion multi-tier hierarchy the account is placed
  • system behaviour
  • underlying business rules
  • what interface you can use to log in to access the Emersion system
    • e.g: Service Provider Accounts use Cumulus but End User accounts use the End User Portal

Emersion has accounts for tiers and types and allows you to organise your accounts using account groups and account profiles.  This when combined with native Emersion modules such as, the Security and Permission Management System and Event and Notification System, gives you an enormous amount of control over what the account can see and do, what notifications they receive, what invoice layout, what accounting attributes they are governed by and more.  Emersion provides the level of flexibility and control that you would expect of a true multi-tier, white label solution.

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