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Emersion has been set up specifically to meet the needs of MSPs, Telcos(retailers and wholesalers), energy and utility providers and multi-tiered businesses.

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Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Emersion helps MSPs to grow their business by through systems integration and process automation.

Our solution can automate entire end-to-end processes like subscription and usage billing and provisioning of voice and data services.

Find out more about Emersion’s solutions for MSPs here.

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Telco retailers and wholesalers

Emersion integrates to the suppliers you use on a day to day basis and makes it easy to sell any product or service including:

• Mobile phone plans
• VoIP services
• NBN and broadband
• Many more

Our real-time billing solution automatically calculates prorated charges from plan and service changes and sends out usage alerts via email or SMSs to end-users. Emersion can also automate the provisioning of your voice and data services.

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Emersion empowers businesses to support complex and dynamic multi-tiered supply chains. You can support multiple upstream suppliers or your own services and distribute these through a multi-tiered retail service provider environment. 

Emersion provides our wholesale partners with the ability to white label your services for both full billing retail service providers and also as a service ordering portal for non-retail billers. 

Wholesale service providers can view all of the services provided by their downstream service providers. Retail service providers are restricted to just seeing the accounts and services that they manage. 

Emerson also enables our Retail Service Provider to support agent and franchise models. 

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Utilities and Energy Providers

Emersion helps utility providers to automate processes including:

• Billing
• Usage and rating calculation
• Service cancellations, changes and activations
• Payment collection

We have a range of features designed specifically for utility and energy providers such as usage graphs and advertising space on invoices.

Find out more about Emersion for utility providers here.

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Other Industries

The above industries (MSPs, telcos, utility providers and wholesalers) make up more than 80% of our clients, but there is no reason Emersion can’t work for your business.

Every element within Emersion can be customised to suit how your business operates. If you would like to find out if Emersion could be a good fit for your industry please fill in the below form and one of our business development managers will call you back.

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