Emersion is primarily a software house, development is what we do best.  We listen to our clients.  Our development is continually driven by the desire to make our client’s businesses and the lives of their staff better.  Emersion software has been built and continually enhanced by Australian staff with intrinsic knowledge of the Australian marketplace, to be a true agnostic, multi-tenanted, multi-tier, white label SaaS offering.  It is this level of experience and understanding that allows us to identify areas where we can provide competitive advantage to our clients.

Emersion is a vibrant product. Even though the product is mature and extremely functional from over ten years of high quality development, we are very committed to continually enhancing it, with 16 releases in 2016, many as a result of the valued input from our clients.   This is testimony to the quality of the development strategy which allows for the rapid release of improvements for the benefit of our clients.

We are responsive to our clients requirements.  A recent example is the full implementation of Telstra’s Wholesale Mobile Experience Application Programming Interface which, from release to developers to release for our clients benefit, was 77 days.  We are a ‘can do’ software house with an enviable development track record.

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