Payment Systems

Emersion features advanced payment systems that automate your financial processes and makes it easier to collect your money.


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Payment Functionality

Emersion's payment systems streamline your payment processes.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Emersion integrates with many payment gateways. Companies can select connectors to one or more payment gateways supporting different payment methods and even different currencies.

Click here for more information about Emersion's Payment Gateway Integrations.

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Accept multiple payment methods

Emersion makes it easy for your customers to pay with their preferred payment method.

These include:
• Credit cards
• Electronic funds transfer
• Direct debit from bank accounts
• BPay
• Australia post bill pay
• ABA (Australian Banking Association) file
• Agent collected payments

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Minimise Fees

In Emersion, companies can assign different payment methods to different payment gateways.

This means providers could select a separate payment gateway for AMEX then Mastercard and Visa and have their bank direct debits flow through a third gateway. This helps to minimise the fees that you pay on every transaction.

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Don't get locked down

Payment gateways encrypt your customer details and provide a token for future payments. While this is good for security, it also means that once you select a payment gateway it may be very difficult to change to another provider.

Emersion is able to transfer the encrypted card details from one provider to another. This makes it easy to migrate payment gateways if the fees from your chosen provider increase above what the competition is charging.

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Events and Notifications

Emersion connects to your suppliers, software and internal systems. When an event occurs in one system we are able to synchronise data and update statuses accordingly.

We can send out notifications to your customers based on these statuses. For instance, if a payment is overdue or declined an SMS or email can be sent to them automatically.
If a customers credit card is about to expire we can notify them before their payments fail.

Find out more about events and notifications here.

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Smart invoice templates

Emersion features a range of smart invoice templates. These make it easy for your customers to understand exactly what products and services they are being charged for and tell them exactly how to make a payment to your company.

These invoice templates clearly display payment surcharges or prompt payment discounts.

Find out more about our smart invoice templates here.

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Automate your payment process

With Emersion, subscription and usage-based billing can become seamless. Usage is automatically imported, processed, calculated and applied to your customer's invoice.

Once approved, the invoices are dispatched via Email or mail-house. If your customer has set up a subscription payment method (e.g. Direct Debit or Credit Card), the payment is automatically debited on the due date and reconciled to the correct account.

This saves your finance team days of work every month.

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Synchronise payment information

Emersion enhances enterprise software like Salesforce and ConnectWise with payment information. We also make it easy to synchronise payment information to your accounting system (e.g. Xero).

Customers can also connect their internal systems via API. This lets them load payment details, collect payment and synchronise payment information across multiple platforms.

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Supported Payment Gateways

These are some of the payment gateways that Emersion already integrates to. If you don’t see yours in the list, talk to us about adding it.

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