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Emersion’s payment and collections system makes it easy to automate the entire payment process, and connects you to a wide variety of payment gateways. Key features include:

  • Support for taking payments – Direct debit from bank accounts and credit card payments
  • Support for recieving payments – Electronic funds transfer (EFT) and BPay
  • Secure and encrypted storage of payment information
  • Connection to a wide variety of payment gateways
  • Automated payments and surcharges
  • Simple communications through triggered events (see below)
  • Integration to the Emersion self-service portals
  • Detailed reporting and analytics functionality

Event Notifications

When certain events occur (e.g. a credit card payment is declined) a notification can be sent out to the customer. Events can be triggered based on time, payment status and actions within Emersion. Common payment specific events that are used to simplify the collections process are:

  • Manual payment received – Send a message to the customer and/or accounts staff upon a successful manual payment
  • Automated payment received – Send a message to the customer and/or accounts staff upon a successful automated payment
  • Payment failed – Notify the user/ accounts or customer service team when a payment fails
  • Automatic payment notifications – Notify users/ staff when automatic payments are set up or deactivated
  • Credit card expiry – Notify the customers when a credit card is going to expire
  • Invoice due/ overdue – Notify the customer when their invoice is due/ overdue

We can also assist with reports on many fields within Emersion including unallocated payments, overdue accounts, expiring credit cards and much more. Contact us for more information about our payment and collections functionality today.