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As the Australian workforce evolves and organisations expand, communications continue to play a pivotal role in the ongoing success of an organisation. Organisations are becoming more mindful of their expenditure and the need to allocate costs appropriately across the entire organisation.

Despite attempts to manage a myriad of expenses, a lack of visibility into communications is costing companies at least $100,000 for every $1 million spent on services (Gartner Research). Additionally, approximately 20% of complaints made to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) are about incorrect billing.

Carriers are struggling to deliver accurate telco bills due to the complexity and the sheer size of most accounts. Companies are finding it increasingly time-consuming and difficult to audit their own telco bills and as such run the risk of overlooking unused or incorrect services at the contracted rate.

How do you gain control and visibility into your telco expenses?

We offer a Telco Expense Management (TEM) solution – allowing you to gain control and visibility into your telecom expenses.

Our TEM system can produce cost center reports that can be easily imported to your existing accounting systems, empowering you the make the right business decisions moving forward.

  • Manage and report on telco and other service expenses from a centralised platform
  • Reduce and control your total costs with visibility across your entire organisation
  • Allocate costs to department and cost centres
  • Make informed procurement decisions
  • Identify dormant services
  • Ensure all services are on the optimal plan based upon usage patterns
  • Ensure employee and departmental accountability
  • Protect against toll abuse by pro-actively monitoring for suspicious calling patterns
  • Track and manage services and contracts
  • Proactive alerts (depends on data frequency)
  • Our system is also capable of billing and providing expense management for a wide range of services including fixed voice, mobiles,
  • Data, Internal PBX integration, MSP SaaS services, allowing us to provide much more than the average TEM solution.

If we can get a data feed from a service or product we can bill it, report on it and/or audit it.

You can access our SaaS platform through a secure enterprise portal giving you the freedom to audit suppliers, manage contracts, usage, cost allocation, reporting and analytics for fixed voice, PBX, mobile voice and data.

Contact us to find out more.