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Emersion offers three customer self service portals:

  • End-user portal – These let your customer access and pay their bills, and view plan/ subscription information and usage. 
  • Signup portal – Self service signup including service qualification, configuration and inital payment.
  • Activation portal – For multi-step activiation e.g. A mobile phone SIM  was  ordered via the signup portal and shipped in the mail. The end user can self activate online (including authentication). 

These self service portals empower your customers and improve the signup and activation experience. Self service portals also make your teams job easier by reducing their workload. This in turn reduces your operational costs, and means your business can serve more customers. 

Key features of our customer self service portals include:

  • Account details management
  • Service management
  • Usage monitoring
  • Raising and monitoring of tickets for issues and requests
  • Viewing of invoices
  • Viewing of transaction history
  • Making payments (If Emersion payment system is used)
  • Viewing of reports

These portals are CSS based and can be framed or skinned (via CSS by your web team) to suit your company’s look and feel. You can also decide upon the functionality that you want to make available to your customers through our integrated security and permission management system.

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