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At Emersion, we are all about billing. Our system has been specifically designed to provide service providers with complex product structures (hardware, software, hosting or plans) and bundled products the ability to bill whether you are operating at the wholesale or retail level.

The Emersion system allows products, services and packages to be created, provisioned, billed and managed as an end to end process.

Emersion provides flexibility in the following areas to meet your business needs:

  • Rating and tariffing
  • Bundling and packages
  • Mid-cycle plan changes
  • Discounting
  • Payment processing
  • Reconciliations

Whether you’re a wholesaler or retailer, Emersion can provide a solution with stability and transparency.

Our Cumulus service provider portal provides an internal view for your operation and finance teams, enabling administration with minimal effort.


Emersion features advanced rating functionality. Our Rating engines rate metered usage records against your rates that are associated with your subscription plans. We support advanced rating scenarios, including the shifting rate costs based on time, quantity or usage, block partitions and traffic zones.

Plans can be linked to easily build packages and apply discounts without needing to create countless plans that are both confusing and difficult to manage.

An end-user portal allows your customers to keep track of their usage, services and bills. They can make payments and manage their services reducing calls to your customer support.

Bills are available online and received via email in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. Emersion also supports integration to external mail houses for paper invoice generation and posting.

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