Featured Integration:
Office 365 (via Rhipe)

Fully automated provisioning of Office 365 licences via Rhipe.

Unlock $27,000+ in profits

Most MSPs will serve more than 1500 end users and make a margin of approximately $1.50 per month on every Office 365 licence sold.

That’s more than $27,000 in potential profit per annum!

Each change to an Office 365 licence will takes time, which eats into the profit margin on Office 365 licences. With Emersion’s Rhipe integration, Office 365 licences can be automatically assigned, saving time and meaning every licence can be sold at a profit.

Sell every service at a profit

Emersion’s Office 365 functionality means that every licence you sell will be sold at a profit.

Automatic Assignment

Automatically assign office 365
licences to a tenant

Custom Margins

Set custom margins to
improve profitability

Online Portals

Customers can assign licences
via End-User Portals

The average MSP serves 1500 end users, and will make approximately $1.50 in profit on every Office 365 licence sold (Source). That’s at an average profit per licence of $1.50, most MSPs would serve at least 1500 end users.

That’s $2250 in profit every month! Or $27,000 profit every year!

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