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Synchronise data between Xero and Emersion.

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What are the benefits of Emersion's Xero Integration?

Emersion's Xero integration synchronises data between the two systems and ensures that your finance and customer service teams are operating on the same page.

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Create accounts automatically

When an account is created in Emersion, the account is automatically created in Xero. Existing Emersion contacts can be easily linked to existing Xero contacts.

This greatly reduces errors and ensures your staff are operating efficiently and not having to enter the same data into multiple systems.

Synchronise account and invoice data

The Xero integration for Emersion synchronises data between both systems. This has a number of benefits including:

• Keeping accounts in sync
• Sending invoices from Emersion to Xero
• Sending payment data between Emersion and Xero
• Synchronising credit notes created in Emersion with Xero

The integration also assists with ledger mapping and reconciliations.

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Customer self service

If you are a retail service provider and connect Xero with Emersion, you also gain access to our End User Portal.

This lets your customers view and manage their accounts online, make payments, update their details and log support tickets.

Access our integrations

The Xero integration also works with all of our other integrations.

View our full list of integrations here.

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Connecting Emersion and Xero

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Detailed instructions: Login to the Emersion Wiki and view instructions here