Office 365 via Rhipe

Emersion's Office 365 via Rhipe integrations means every licence you sell is profitable from day 1.

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Sell Office 365 subscriptions at a profit from day one!

For most MSPs, this should mean at least an additional $27,000 in profit per year!

Here's why we believe it's the right fit for your organisation:

Make a profit on every Office 365 licence sold

Office 365 (O365) is typically seen as a low margin product, but those margins can add up to a lot of profit for your business.

Unfortunately because of the time taken by your staff to setup each O365 licence it typically means that it takes over a year for each licence to become profitable.

Emersion's O365 via Rhipe integration automates the assignment of O365 licences to a tenant, meaning that every O365 sold can be profitable from day one.

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Set custom sell prices

Companies can further improve their profitability by setting custom sell prices on O365 licences.

This means each licence is sold at a greater profit than if your company chooses to sell O365 licences at the default RRP.

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Integration with the End User Portal

Your customers can manage their licences themselves, further improving customer experience while removing your staff completely from the process of O365 licence management.

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