Integration via API

Connect your internal systems and software to Emersion via API.


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API Integration

Emersion enables integration to your critical business information using simple, powerful and secure application programming interfaces (APIs). Most APIs have been created as a result of collaborative efforts with our clients. Emersion is happy to consider extending or add new functionality on a case by case basis.

Provider APIs

Provider APIs are developed for system-to-system integration where you have access to the entire dataset for your service provider.

These functionalities replicate many of the key user interface and module outcomes from Emersion (e.g. you could rebuild our signup and end-user portals using these APIs).

End-User APIs

Our End-user APIs were developed for those applications where you need to authenticate using the end-users username and password (as opposed to a system-to-system provider APIs). This is most commonly used for developing phone apps.

API Format

Emersion uses the SOAP API format. You can integrate applications that can create, retrieve, update records managed by Emersion. Collections of APIs are specifically designed to solve your business problems and automate processes like ordering and activating services or building your own self-service portal.Please fill in the below form to get your questions about Emersion’s API answered.