Wholesale Billing System

Not all businesses are the same.

Emersion features comprehensive mult-tiered billing functionality. This supports any business model including wholesalers, franchisees and businesses considering mergers.


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Emersion is a billing solution for any business model, no matter how complex. Here's what why our system will work for your business.

Multiple Instances

Wholesalers can set up an instance of Emersion for each customer. This means that retail service providers who buy from you will be able to log in and order services from you directly in the platform. When you activate these services they are automatically activated downstream.

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Hierarchical Permission sets

Use a combination of Organisational Units and Roles to grant and restrict access to your most important data. Manage the credit authority levels of your staff to ensure compliance with these critical processes.

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Agents and Commissions Modules

With the Agents module, Agents selling on your behalf can be granted limited access customers they manage.

The system will easily calculate their commissions based on their sales using Emersion's Commissions module.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Report on all areas of your business, including sales by store and agent. Isolate product, service and regional performance and optimise your business strategy accordingly.

Click here to find out more about Emersion's reporting functionality.

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White Label Billing

Let your downstream customers sell your products and services under their brand.

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