Comprehensive Reporting

Gain actionable insight into the state of your business through Emersion's range of comprehensive reports.


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Hundreds of reports

Emersion comes equipped with over 400 reports. There are:

Companies can run reports on any aspect of their business that is linked to Emersion. In the instance that a custom report doesn’t already exist, our consultants can create them for you.

Reports can be scheduled to run at set intervals and are exported in CSV format for further analysis and visualisation in tools like Google Data Studio, Tableau or Microsoft Excel.

Telco Expense Management Reports

We offer a Telco Expense Management (TEM) solution – allowing you to gain control and visibility into your telecom expenses.

Our TEM system can produce cost centre reports that can be easily imported to your existing accounting systems, ensuring the data can maintain its structural integrity in the way that already works for you.

If we can get a data feed from a service or product we can bill it, report on it and audit it.

You can access Emersion through our secure enterprise portal. ‘Cumulus’. Our platform gives you the freedom to audit suppliers, manage contracts, usage, cost allocation, reporting and analytics for fixed voice, PBX, mobile voice and data.

Audit Reports

Emersion works with you to produce audit reports designed specifically for telcos so that they can audit their carrier’s bills.

Errors will always occur, and Audit reports help you pick up on them when they do. This saves you from being overcharged for the products and services that you are supplying your customers.

Margin Analysis

Margin analysis reports help to ensure that you are making a profit on every service, service feature and call charge.

Emersion’s multi-tier structure enables service providers to maintain their cost prices in addition to their sell prices for all billing objects, from the plans to the features and bolt-ons and all the way down to the tariff level. It will even take into account any overrides or special deals you make with your clients.

That data is then mined deeply to produce reports that enable you to analyse your margins at every level where a buy and a sell price exists. With market forces resulting in low margins already, smart business owners are always looking for ways to maintain and adjust margins. Margin analysis reports make this easy!

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