Real-Time Billing

Real time billing improves cashflow and helps to ensure that you charge your customers for their full usage amount every time.

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Real-Time Billing

Why is real-time billing important?

Most billing platforms are batch-based. This means all of your invoices need to go out on the same day. If there is an error with a single bill then your entire bill run can be held up. This places a huge strain on your financial team and can kill your cashflow.

Get Paid Faster

With real-time billing you don't have to wait until the end of the month to charge for ad-hoc services. Companies can create an ad-hoc invoice that goes out separately to a bill for subscription services.

This improves cashflow and helps ensure that ad-hoc services are actually charged for.

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Custom Anniversary Dates

With a real-time billing system, your customers can choose their anniversary date. This improves customer experience and while also reducing the end-of-month burden on your financial team.

Emersion is capable of handling multiple bill cycles set for varying intervals.

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Bill for the full amount - every time

Usage-based billing can get pretty complicated. Emersion makes usabel billing simple.

Usage is automatically calculated and applied to each customers bill When customers add, change or cancel services, pro-rata charges are automatically calculated.

This means you bill every customer for the full amount every time.

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Never hold up another bill run

Real-time billing means your invoices can go out on different dates. If there are issues with one bill, you can choose to delay sending that while all of your other invoices are uninterrupted.

This minimises dirsuption to your cashflow.

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