Legal & Compliance Functionality

Most countries have laws that govern the sale of telecommunications services.

Find out how Emersion can help you to meet your complicane obligations here.

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Many companies who sell voice and data services are breaking the law

In Australia, any company who sells voice or data services need to be compliant with the Telecommunications Act of 1997 (Cth). This includes:

Many MSPs are unaware of their requirements under this legislation.

Fines for failing to meet your obligations can be as high as $10 million AUD. While we haven’t seen many companies being prosecuted, it is only a matter of time. If you aren’t sure what your obligations are, we recommend reading this guide from ACMA.

Emersion comes with functionality to help companies meet their legal requirements under the Act including:

Compliance Functionality

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The contents of this article are not intended to be taken as legal advice. The laws surrounding the sale of telecommunications services will vary from country to country.

The following section is written for Australian customers of Emersion, and is about the features and functionality within Emersion that helps our customers to meet their obligations under the Telecommunications Act of 1997.

While these functions can help your organisation to meet your requirements, there are still other things that your company must do to meet the requirements of the Telecommunications Act of 1997. We recommend reading ACMA’s guide Know your obligations for more information and speaking to a lawyer if you have questions.