Emersion has developed several new feature integrations including:

  • ConnectWise
  • Xero
  • Salesforce
  • Fully automated provisioning of NBN through Vocus and AAPT
  • Office 365 via Rhipe

Please fill in the below form if you would like further information about any of these integrations, or keep reading for a brief overview of the functionality of these integrations. 


Our ConnectWise integration synchronises data between Emersion and ConnectWise and exposes the full functionality of Emersion from within ConnectWise. This means ConnectWise users can: 

  • Combine products, services and subscriptions on a single invoice
  • Accept multiple payments including credit card payments for these invoices
  • Empower their customers to view and manage their accounts through Emersion’s self-service portals


Emersion integrates seamlessly with Xero. This means that when a contact is created in Emersion they are automatically created in Xero. Existing Emersion accounts can be easily linked to existing Xero contacts. 

Invoices can be sent to Xero from Emersion while payments can be sent in both directions.

The integration also features:

  • Ledger mapping
  • The ability to synchronise invoices and credit notes created in Emersion with Xero
  • Reconciliation functionality
  • Integration to the end-user portal


Emersion has recently completed development of an ISV certification for Salesforce. The integration is set to improve collaboration between sales, customer service and finance teams while simplifying the process of managing usage-based services. 

We are hoping that the app will complete Salesforce’s internal certification process by the end of March.

Integrated provisioning for NBN services through Vocus and AAPT

Emersion has recently completed work on our VOCUS integration, which means that Emersion customers can now gain access to integrated provisioning of NBN services through VOCUS and AAPT.  Both of these integrations greatly reduces the complexity involved in setting up new NBN connections. 

Office 365 via Rhipe

Emersion’s Office 365 via Rhipe integration greatly reduces the amount of time needed to provision Office 365 licences. This means every subscription to Office 365 can be sold at a profit from day 1.

For more information about any of these integrations please fill in the below form or email sales@emersion.com