Customer Support

Customers can raise support tickets via our end user portals.

Retail providers can respond or escalate the ticket up to their wholesaler, all within a single platform.

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Service Desk

Emersion's Service Desk module enhances Emersion and improves customer engagement by:

Stay on top of support requests

Assign and delegate support requests within your team.

Set up queues for support requests (e.g. Sales, Accounts, Technical Support) and have cases automatically get assigned to the relevant person. Categories and subcategories under each queue help you report on the data so you can see what kinds of issues are raised most frequently, number of assigned tickets per staff member and other metrics.

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Self-service functionality

End users can raise tickets straight from the end user portal. Email notifications keep everyone in the loop with the issue during its life cycle.

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Wholesaler functionality

If your supplier is also an Emersion user, you can take tickets you have received and escalate them to your supplier. Link the service the request is about to help your provider respond faster. When your supplier responds, see those ticket updates and notes in your own instance of Emersion.

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Find out more

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