Increase customer engagement with portals

Emersion features a range of portals that improve your customers experience while reducing the amount of work that your staff have to do.


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Seamless Customer Experiences

Emersion's customer portals can be fully customised to match the look and feel of your brand and embedded in your website.

CSS Stylesheets

Customise how your portal appears with CSS.


Customer information can be shared with our various integration partners.


Customers can report on their service usage through their portal. This is great for B2B customers.


Portals reduce the amount of strain on your staff and help to reduce the amount of time needed to serve your customers.

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Emersion features a range of customer portals including our End-User Portals and Activation Portals.

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End-User Portals

Emersion's end-user portals let your customers view and manage their account details, update payment methods and much more.

This means customers can manage their own details without having to contact your team. Find out more here.

Activation Portals

Activation portals let your customers sign up for new services online.

Find out more here.

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API Integration

Emersion features an API that customers can connect their existing customer portals too.

Click here for more information about Emersion's API.

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