Events & Notifications

Send notifications to your customers via SMS and email when events occur within Emersion and other systems that you have connected to it.

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Why are notifications important?

Emersion automates many common and standard workflows. In many cases, they are fully automated and are triggered without requiring input from your staff or customers.

In other instances, your staff or customers will perform certain actions such as recording a payment or approving an invoice. When that happens, this triggers the system to create an ‘Event’. Some ‘events’ include sending a notification.

Events can trigger notifications to go out. This means consistent targeted communications are always sent at appropriate times. This reduces the burden on your staff while ensuring that your customers stay well informed.

What notifications can be sent from Emersion

Event notifications are triggered based on activities that take place, such as when a service is activated. It can also be triggered when something does not happen or needs to happen, such as updating a credit card that will soon expire. Polled events look for situations where specific criteria needs to be filled, such as usage alerts.

Emersion puts our clients in control of the notifications they send by providing a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) template editor that also has access to variables that are relevant to the event.  Commonly used notifications include:

Notifications can be carried out via SMS, email or both. Emersion provides a set of default events, including events for wholesale & retail service providers. We also have events specific to service types, and various features.

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