Peter Cook has decades of experience in the telco, payments and fintech industries and has been the Novatti CEO for 22 years. On the latest episode of Emersion On Air, Peter Cook joins us for a discussion about how Novatti is enabling global digital transformation in 2022 and beyond.

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Discussion topics include:

  • Peter Cook’s background in the telco, fintech and payments space.
  • The history of Novatti as a company and a culture.
  • Enabling global digital transformation.
  • Peter’s view for the future of Novatti.
  • And more.

Peter Cook is an entrepreneur with vast experience in telecommunications and the payment space. It all started with his military background and working as an army officer in their telecommunications department.

As a serial entrepreneur, Peter’s journey before Novatti included founding and leading companies with business solutions in subscription billing and telecommunications.

Novatti, listed on the ASX in January 2016, came into the picture as a leading billing and payments company that brought together various payments technology solutions under its umbrella company.

Since then, Novatti as a group has added various payments, subscriptions and billing services to bring to life its mission to enable businesses to pay and be paid from any device, anywhere.

By enabling current and future customers to automate and grow using these services, Novatti is well-positioned to become a global leader in providing end-to-end payment solutions.

An exciting project Novatti is doing is to help emerging economies like Tanzania and Uganda grow from an all-cash-based system to having digital wallets in users’ phones to pay for services like bills, taxis, groceries etc.

Other Novatti use cases include assisting ease of payments for our customers with Afterpay in New Zealand, helping them transact through Mastercard and VISA, and speeding up and easing the process for both the customer and Afterpay.

Novatti focuses on its partnerships and licences. It has over a dozen major partnerships with leading companies, including VISA, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Ripple and Stellar in the blockchain space.

Peter sees Novatti continuing as a world-class digital automation multi-service payment and billing provider by bringing on more tier 1 partners and engaging with more happy businesses, ultimately giving value to the shareholders and all stakeholders.

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