Michaela Juric one of the OGs of blockchain technology in Australia, and is also the first person in Australia to have purchased a house using bitcoin. Today, Michaela works as our Blockchain Projects Manager at Novatti Group (which Emersion is a part of).

In this episode of Emersion On Air, Michaela joins Stevana and Jesse for a discussion on blockchain technology, where it’s at in 2022, and how Novatti Group is using it.

Questions answered include:

  • What is blockchain technology and why should we take note?
  • What are the business use-cases for blockchain tech?
  • How are we using it at Novatti Group?
  • Addressing scepticism about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Where is blockchain tech headed in the future?
  • How to get started with learning about and implementing blockchain?
  • And more.

Listen now:

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